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Partnering for Empowerment

Audio by Jaime Saint • Posted 12 hours ago

What Hippocrates Knew and We have Forgotten

Audio by John Patrick • Posted 2 days ago


Audio by Mike Davis • Posted 4 days ago

Spiritual Interventions in Patient Care

Audio by Walt Larimore • Posted 7 days ago

Security on the Mission Field

Audio by Bob Klamser • Posted 9 days ago

Marketplace Healthcare Professionals in Closed Counties

Audio by Joseph Daniel • Posted 11 days ago

Clinical Research: How to do it, How to Collaborate, How to Fund

Audio by Tina Slusher, Thomas Thacher • Posted 14 days ago

Sex Trafficking and Treating Sexually Transmitted Infections

Audio by Rachel DiSanto • Posted 16 days ago

The Theology of Missions

Audio by Brian Vickers • Posted 18 days ago

Mentoring in Medical Missions

Audio by Dr. Lee, Jeffrey Leman, David Burgess, Margie Burgess • Posted 21 days ago

medical evangelism week outreach

Story by Patience Vainqueur Kwizera • Posted 23 days ago

Finding God's Will

Audio by Nathan Cook • Posted 23 days ago

How to Learn Another Language

Audio by Tim Wagner • Posted 25 days ago

On Being a Single Missionary

Audio by Barbara Ihrke • Posted 28 days ago

Sustaining Partnerships: Case study of Ghana mission hospital

Audio by Cameron Gongwer • Posted one month ago

Ultimate Guide to Exercise for Children in School and at Home

Article by Amelia Humphrey • Posted one month ago

Marketplace Missions in Global Cities

Audio by Sarah Goergen • Posted one month ago

Marriage and Missions

Audio by Eric McLaughlin, Rachel McLaughlin • Posted one month ago

Singles in Missions

Audio by Rebekah Naylor • Posted one month ago

Disciple Making Communities in Muslim Countries

Audio by • Posted one month ago