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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Building a long-lasting support community

When you feel God leading your life (generally or specifically), you know need others to support you on this journey. Unfortunately, even though we engage people daily on a variety of levels, we often times find ourselves overburdened and distracted by life. As a result, even though your heart desires deep and long-lasting community, you cannot engage as deeply as you would like. When the time comes when support is truly needed, it feels like you are starting from square one again. I know what this feels like and I want to show you today how you can begin to create the community that you need so when God finally begins showing you specific actions to take, you will have an army at your back supporting and encouraging you. We will take a deeper dive into the Missional.Life Roadmap tool that you have been introduced to in the main sessions. Additionally, we will dig into principles and practices to guide your next few months... and give you time to start your plan today. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step... and you are never alone. Find out more by visiting missional.life or joining our engaging session!

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Uncompromised. No Matter the Field

“FIELD” in medicine usually refers to the areas of proficiency for which you have been medically trained. For those of us who see medicine as a calling to serve Christ, “FIELD” has a different meaning. It has to do with where we are serving Christ. You are in a field right now, even if you think you may be headed to another field in the future. Jesus calls us to an uncompromising view of ministry that applies in every “field” throughout our lives. As a student, a resident, in a domestic setting, or in an overseas placement, are you living out the gospel, engaging the lost, living intentionally, and being a prophetic and evangelistic voice where you are? We will examine Mark 4 to see how Christ calls us to a total life-vision for missional living.

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From the Inner City

The experiences that mold oneself are commanded by the Lord. We can’t chose where we are born, our skin color, or our primary language. Coming from the inner city of Caracas, Venezuela through the plantations of Georgia, winding through the Ozarks, and culminating with the hoods of Memphis, these experiences have served to equip me with the tools that are needed for the job. God placed in my heart a desire for the underserved, uninsured and undocumented of North America and he has given me a variety of experiences to wade through the waters of entrepreneurship. Come see how God can use my experiences to catapult you into your own adventure, where it is God who gets the glory.

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How Passing On of the Skills has Impacted the Indian Church

It is the general idea that the short-term missions is one sided. Often creating dependency- teams from USA go to the underdeveloped country to help and bring short term relief and address felt needs in the comminutes of the countries they visit. While that may be true, ‘passing on of skills’ showcases how the trend can be reversed and these very missions can impact providing long term and sustainable projects and help move from ‘relief’ to ‘development’ and self sustaining mode. Caleb Rayapati, will show case how the “Pass on the skills” is making an impact on the ground, a firsthand account of the partnering mission using the Dental Outreach skills in self sustaining method, involved in community development in India impacting through practice of Biblical wholisim- a first hand account of how Indian Church has impacted using health care skills.

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